MIA - Danese (Artemide Group) 2014

Mia is a table lamp that is made up of two elements physically separated but dependent on each other, which are held together by a stem that makes the design stylish, functional and harmonious. The sculptural form balances with the light output. The cylindrical base contains a LED lamp (GU10) kept in position by a ferrule designed to prevent the source from being visible. A metal rod, the ideal continuation of the power cable, connects the dome to the supporting base. The position and size of the two elements are designed so that the light emitted from the cylindrical base falls just inside the dome which reflects it softly towards the plane. Its interior is in fact treated with a highly reflective varnish to ensure optimum light performance. The soft wrap toward the inside of the edge of the dome gives an illusory thickness to an element that is in reality thin and light. Mia is a strong presence that comes alive with light and contrasts drawing attention to the finish and subtle color combinations.


Mia _ Federico Villa photographer

Mia _ showroom Artemide via Manzoni, Milano - Gio Pini photographer

Mia _ Danese via Antonio Canova 34