DIAPHRAGM - Artemide Design 2013

Diaphragm is a precision optical instrument: through a lens system, the light emission, perfectly calculated from optical point of view, generates a bright soft area that becomes personal space.
Through a completely transparent body the light is perceived as three-dimensional matter, what is not channeled through the opticcal machine is recovered as indirect and diffuse emission.
The possibility of orientation on the vertical and horizontal axes makes Diaphragm extremely
flexible in terms of applicability allowing its use as a tool for accent lighting.
Diaphragm is available in wall / ceiling, table and reading versions.
In collaboration with Carlotta de Bevilacqua


Diaphragm wall/ceiling _ showroom Artemide via Manzoni, Milano - Federico Villa photographer

Diaphragm wall/ceiling - suspension - reading _ showroom Artemide corso Monforte, Milano - Federico Villa photographer

Diaphragm wall/ceiling and suspension _ EUROLUCE 2013 - Milano Fairground, Rho - Federico Villa photographer

Diaphragm family _ Light & Building 2014 - Frankfurt