ALGORITMO - Artemide Architectural 2013
Red Dot design award winner 2011

Algoritmo is a system defining a new way to produce light in space by means of an integrated and dynamic dialogue with architecture. Light acts as a construction instrument and an open system capable to create a variety of perceptive and functional identities in space. A very small extruded aluminium body ensures 5 lighting performances: ambient lighting, office lighting, surface lighting, orientation lighting and accentuation lighting. The system’s modularity allows multiple lighting config rations to be obtained without any interruptions or discontinuities between the floor, the wall, the ceiling, and the indoor space. Therefore lines and angles of continuous light can be managed on the same level or between perpendicular levels. Both types of sources – fluorescent (white light with different colour temperatures) and LED (RGB and white dynamic light) – create subtle and essential lines and make the Algoritmo system suitable for a variety of spaces: home, work, hospitality, retail andmuseum. The different installation options – surface recessed, surface mounted, suspended – ensure an endless choice of lighting solutions for all kinds of architectures.
In collaboration with Carlotta de Bevilacqua

Algoritmo system - Miro Zagnoli photographer

ambience lighting

ambience lighting

office lighting - Miro Zagnoli photographer

accentuation lighting - Miro Zagnoli photographer

surface lighting - Miro Zagnoli photographer

orientation lighting