AIRLITE - Artemide Architectural 2013

Very high luminous flows (over 3000lm installed), excellent colour rendering, high efficiency characterize Airlite, an innovative set of spot lights offering a unique photometric and dimensional performance and a broad range of applications. The special design of the die-cast aluminium body was conceived both to ensure heat dissipation through the material and to allow air circulation across the open channels and subsequent heat conveyance out of the frame, thus ensuring a long life of the LED module. This allows to integrate significant powers in a very compact, lightweight, and unique design (139mm max diameter x 85mm height – 35W total power). Airlite uses a proprietary optical system based on a hybrid technology (lens and reflector), which allows to obtain well-defined narrow beams with large-sized sources, such as high-power LED modules. Airlite is offered in the stable white (two colour temperatures, 3000K and 4000K) and tunable white versions. The possibility to adjust colour temperature from 2900 to 5500 K with a source efficiency above 85 Lm/W along the whole spectrum gives room for light composition, allowing to adjust the light ambiance to stress or enhance colours, and makes Airlite ideal also for store lighting. The joint, characterized by a special angle range (360° on the vertical axis and 180° on the horizontal axis), makes Airlite extremely flexible in terms of applications and light adjustment. A broad range of accessories (louvre, special filters, adjustable flaps, asymmetrical screen) make Airlite particularly suited to illuminate retail and exhibiting venues. The Airlite spot lights are available with three mounting options: with adapter for three-phase track, with base for semi-recessed mounting, and as a single suspension.
The expansion of the Airlite spot family provides a HIT version under development.
Design: Carlotta de Bevilacqua & Paola di Arianello

Airlite LED tunable white - track

Airlite LED fixed white

Airlite track - EUROLUCE 2013 _ Milano Fairground, Rho - Federico Villa photographer

Airlite semirecessed - EUROLUCE 2013 _ Milano Fairground, Rho - Federico Villa photographer

Airlite HIT - track

Airlite accessories - adjustable dowser

Airlite accessories - colored filters _ louvre _ wall washer screen

AIRLITE suspension - EUROLUCE 2013 _ Milano Fairground, Rho - Gio Pini photographer

AIRLITE track - Museo Diocesano _ Milano - Federico Villa photographer